Bodet Style 7 Date / Ellipse Digital Clock

Bodet Style 7 Date / Ellipse – a single solution to display the hour, minutes, seconds, date, week number, day and temperature.

  • Ethernet PoE / Wi-Fi models
  • 7 cm height digits
  • Optimal viewing distance 30m
  • Choice of 5 LED colours
  • Adjustable LED brightness


Indoor LED clock – Style 7 Date

Looking for a single solution to display the hour, minutes, seconds, date, week number, day and temperature? All of this is possible with the Style 7D. How? Thanks to a clever display that can either be fixed or alternating. Offering you a quick view of a wide range of information on a single clock. And if you need a bilingual display, you can choose from over 20 languages.

Thanks to its many display options (date, week number, seconds, temperature,  eg.) you can obtain all the information you need at a glance. In addition to providing all this information, the Style 7D also has a digital LED display, making it easy to read: a time-saving solution that can be viewed at a glance. The 7 cm high digits offer optimal readability from a distance of up to 30 m.

Dimensions Style 7 Date

Indoor LED clock – Style 7 Ellipse

The Style 7 Ellipse combines aesthetics with advanced technical features. An elegant black digital clock, designed to stand the test of time. The elegance of the Style 7 Ellipse is first suggested by the rounded lines of its corners. Then, by the ellipse drawn by its second hands, working their way around the hour. Add your personal touch by choosing one of 5 LED colours. Thanks to its various mounting bracket options, this clock can be installed in any office, corridor or meeting room.

Style 7 Ellipse, multi-coloured led

Its contemporary look is emphasised by its clean black face and timeless LED display. A truly innovative design. In the NTP/Wi-Fi version, it offers greater configuration flexibility via a web interface accessible from a computer, smartphone or tablet. The LEDs can be adjusted for brightness. It also has an eco-mode to reduce its energy consumption and meet ecological requirements.

Bodet Style 7 Date Datasheet

Bodet Style 7 Ellipse Datasheet

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