Akuvox is a leading manufacturer of SIP Intercoms, IP Access Control Systems and IP Phones. Akuvox products offer advanced technology & reliability at an affordable price.

As Akuvox Certified Platinum Distributor for Australia, we offer the full range of Akuvox products with Australia wide installation, warranty & support services.

As Akuvox Australia Distributor we also provide expert advice on product choice, system specification, system set-up and after sales support.  If you need assistance with selecting products or designing a solution, please avail of our free design service by clicking on – Free Project Design Service.

  • Akuvox Door Intercoms

    Akuvox Door Intercoms (43)

    Akuvox intercoms come with industry leading features & offer great value for money, the range includes. Akuvox R23 Series Audio Intercoms. Akuvox R20, R26, E10 & E11 Series Video Intercoms with with Keypad / Card Reader / Multiple Call buttons. Akuvox R27 & R28 Series Apartment Intercoms with Camera, Keypad, Card Reader. Akuvox R29, X915 & E16 Series Premium Touch screen models with Camera, Keypad, Card Reader,Face recognition, NFC, Bluetooth etc. Akuvox 4G LTE Intercoms wireless intercoms for sites where cabling is not available or feasible. Akuvox E21 Series Emergency /Safety Intercoms. Akuvox Smartplus Cloud Intercom service supports video intercom calls on mobiles, tablets or video phones.
  • Akuvox Intercom Monitors & Phones

    Akuvox Intercom Monitors & Phones (20)

    Akuvox Intercom Monitors & Phones include Audio or Video models in wall mount or desktop options. Most Akuvox indoor touch screens & phones are Android based & support installation of 3rd party apps. for integration with Home / Building Automation systems like Control4, Fibaro, Savant, Crestron, RTI etc. Akuvox C312  Audio Monitor  Akuvox C313 & IT80  Entry level 7 inch Video Monitor  Akuvox C315, X933 & IT82  7 inch Android Video Monitor  Akuvox C317 & IT83  10 inch Android Video Monitor. Akuvox R48G  7 inch Desktop Android Video Phone. Akuvox Intercom Packages  Akuvox Intercom Packages combine some of the popular products bundled together at discounted rates.
  • Akuvox Healthcare Phones

    Akuvox Healthcare Phones (6)

    Akuvox Big Button IP Phones are specially designed for elderly. The big-button keypad and the intuitive user interface enables easy navigation for the elderly with minimal training. The premium audio quality and the adjustable volume make sure the elders catch every word clearly. In the event of emergency, the SOS key or the optional wireless pendant are there to guarantee the help signal is issued easily and timely. Akuvox Telehealth Video Phones make use of information and communications technologies (ICTs) to deliver health services and transmit health information over both long and short distances. It is about transmitting voice, data, images and information rather than moving care recipients, health professionals or educators.
  • Akuvox Access Control

    Akuvox Access Control (2)

    Akuvox Access Control Systems are IP based and can be tailored for diverse scenarios by integrating with Akuvox Intercoms and 3rd party systems. Akuvox Access control systems are AI -powered and incorporate cutting edge technologies like Face Recognition, NFC, QR codes, Mobile App, Temperature Scan etc. and support touch-free Access control to properties.