IP Intercoms

IP intercoms are highly flexible and allow you to receive calls and chat with visitors from anywhere in the world through the use of your smartphone or tablet device. IP Intercoms offer exceptional functionality whereby calling visitors can be re-routed to another line should the home or business be unattended.

IP intercom systems are easy and cost effective to install since they support PoE. The ability to install new systems in place of an existing intercom system results in the minimization of additional wiring, reduced installation time, and subsequently, lower installation costs.

Our IP intercoms are a generation ahead and support SIP protocol that enables integration with IP Phones and VoIP Networks to offer advanced functionality.

We offer a complete range of IP intercoms with related accessories from leading brands like 2N, Akuvox, Fanvil, Grandstream, etc. If you need assistance in designing the solution or selecting the right equipment please avail of our Free Project Design Service by clicking on the link.

  • SIP Audio Intercoms

    SIP Audio Intercoms (38)

    SIP Audio Intercoms are entry level devices which support two way audio communication. They can work as standalone or integrated with SIP Phone systems for added flexibility and convenience. SIP Audio intercoms are available with many options like Card Reader, Keypad, Multiple Call buttons etc., they can also be 4G enabled for installation in remote areas where no networks are available.
  • SIP Video Intercoms

    SIP Video Intercoms (58)

    SIP Video Intercoms are a generation ahead of IP intercoms, SIP support enables them to integrate with IP PBX systems whether cloud based or on local networks. SIP Video Intercoms can also work as standalone systems, however connecting with phone system enables users to make and receive both intercom and phone calls from one device . This makes SIP Intercom systems extremely cost effective, they eliminate duplication of hardware, cabling and installation costs.
  • SIP Intercom Monitors

    SIP Intercom Monitors (52)

    SIP Intercom Monitors are indoor devices, one glance at the Monitor will let you know who is standing outside your door, you can answer calls and open the door remotely or just keep an eye on the outside. SIP Intercom monitors also integrate a web browser allowing users to access the internet or stream Surveillance CCTV video, etc. Android based Monitors / Phones also allow installation of 3rd party Home Automation apps for greater user convenience.
  • SIP Safety Intercoms

    SIP Safety Intercoms (24)

    SIP Safety Intercoms are specially designed hardened devices capable of working in harsh environments and can be customised to suit specific requirements. SIP Safety Intercoms can also be integrated with flashing strobes or hooters for certain safety / emergency applications. SIP Emergency / Safety Intercoms are ideally suited for Minesites, Tunnels, Highways, Parking Lots, Amusement Parks, Prisons & Correctional facilities, Airports, Train and Bus stations etc.
  • Wi-Fi Intercoms

    Wi-Fi Intercoms (18)

    Wi-Fi Wireless Intercoms come with an integrated Wi-Fi module allowing them to connect with the home network without cables. However we can Wi-Fi enable any intercom on this website by connecting an Ethernet to Wi-Fi adapter thereby enabling it to work without a data cable. Wi-Fi Intercoms are ideal for heritage buildings and sites where cabling is not feasible or too expensive to install. With a wireless intercom system, you can be up and running minutes after you take them out of the box and power them up.
  • 4G LTE Intercoms

    4G LTE Intercoms (16)

    4G LTE Cellular intercoms make use of the mobile network to communicate with Home / Apartment users by calling landlines,mobile phones, tablets or video IP phones. 4G LTE Cellular Intercoms integrate a cellular sim card, they eliminate the need to run cables thereby saving on costs and offer quick and easy installation. These intercoms are particularly handy for applications where no cabling exists or installing new cables is too expensive or not feasible. 4G LTE intercoms are available with and without Camera, video models deliver calls to user mobiles / tablets/ monitors via an app.
  • IP 2 Wire Intercoms

    IP 2 Wire Intercoms (4)

    IP over 2 wire video intercoms are an excellent option for upgrades where you want to make use of existing cabling or where Ethernet cabling is not available. 2-Wire technology allows installation of an entire Intercom system, using just 2 wires with both power and data running on the same cables. IP over 2 wire video intercoms also support integration with mobile phones to answer intercom calls remotely from anywhere in the world. Although 2 wire intercoms come with built in 2 wire convertors, most intercoms on this website can be 2 wire enabled by using external IP to 2 wire converter kits, please contact us for more information or assistance.
  • Intercom Accessories

    Intercom Accessories (65)

    Intercom accessories when integrated with intercom systems can go a long way in enhancing the user experience. We carry a robust selection of Intercom accessories that compliment and round-out any intercom deployment from PoE switches, 3G Gateways, Security Relays, Weather Covers, Ethernet Extenders etc. we have everything you need. If you have any specific requirements and cannot find the accessory to suit your applications please email us so we can assist you.