Akuvox Intercom Monitors & Phones

Akuvox Intercom Monitors & Phones include Audio or Video models in wall mount or desktop options. Most Akuvox indoor touch screens & phones are Android based & support installation of 3rd party apps. for integration with Home / Building Automation systems like Control4, Fibaro, Savant, Crestron, RTI etc.

Akuvox C312  Audio Monitor  Akuvox C313, IT80  Entry level 7 inch Video Monitors  Akuvox C315, X933, IT82  7 inch Android Video Monitors  Akuvox C317, C319,IT83, IT88, S567 10 inch Android Video Monitors. Akuvox R49G, R48G  7 inch Desktop Android Video Phone Akuvox C313W-2  2 Wire 7 inch video Monitors. Akuvox Intercom Packages  Akuvox Intercom Packages offer combine some of the best selling products bundled together at discounted rates.