2N is a leading manufacturer of SIP Intercoms, IP Access Control, SIP Paging & PA Systems. 2N products are renowned for their high quality & advanced features. & come in a wide range of models to suit various application scenarios.

We offer the entire range of 2N products from SIP Intercoms, IP Access Control, SIP Paging & PA Systems along with various accessories with Australia wide support. If you need assistance in designing the solution or selecting the right equipment please click on link Free Project Design Service.

  • 2N Door Intercoms

    2N Door Intercoms (73)

    2N Door Intercoms offer a host of options like HD camera, Card Reader, Bluetooth, Touch Screen keypad, Fingerprint Reader, etc. 2N intercom door station range includes IP One - Ultra Slim & Compact with HD Camera, RFID, QR code IP Style - Combines latest advanced technologies in one single unit IP Verso – Modular intercom that can be customised with add on modules. IP Force – Sturdiest anti vandal intercom suitable for extreme conditions. IP Solo – Extremely compact video intercom for small spaces. IP Base – Easy to install surface mount video intercom. IP Vario – Easy to use intercom with multiple call buttons. IP UNI – Audio intercom for undercover or indoor areas. IP Safety – High visibility anti vandal audio intercom for public spaces. IP Verso 4G LTE – 4G Cellular video intercom for cable free installation.
  • 2N Intercom Monitors

    2N Intercom Monitors (20)

    2N intercom monitors are multi functional devices that fit elegantly into any interior. One glance at the display panel will let you know who is standing outside your door, to let you start a dialogue or open the door lock 2N intercom monitors offer a whole range of useful functions for door communication when integrated with 2N outdoor intercom units. The range includes 2N Indoor Touch - 7 Inch monitor with Android OS and Wi-Fi option. 2N Indoor View  - 7 inch monitor, 2N Indoor Compact - 4.3 inch monitor, 2N IP Clip - 4 inch monitor,  2N Indoor Talk  - Audio Monitor,  2N IP Handset - Audio IP Phone.  2N Mobile Video Service - integrates intercoms with mobile phones.
  • 2N IP Access Control

    2N IP Access Control (22)

    2N IP access control systems are based on IP technology & are easy to install and manage via web interface, they also support PoE making them cost effective to install. 2N IP access control range includes - Keypad, Card Reader, Bluetooth & Fingerprint units in various combinations. 2N IP Access units support integration with 3rd party access control systems, lift control, Building Automation systems etc. making them a popular choice for modern buildings.
  • 2N IP Paging & PA

    2N IP Paging & PA (10)

    2N IP Paging & PA solutions enable audio content distribution over LAN, WAN or Internet networks over long distances. 2N IP PA systems can be deployed as standalone, integrated IP Phone Systems or legacy paging systems. 2N IP PA System range includes Horn Speaker, Wall Speaker, Audio Converter, SIP Mic & IP Audio Manager Software. With integrated PoE 2N Audio over IP endpoints provide a cost effective and highly flexible solution for safety and security, particularly when used in conjunction with the 2N range of IP Intercom and Access Control products.