Established in 1988 Tema Telecomunicazioni is a leading European manufacturer of high end IP Intercoms, Paging and PA systems. Tema has a well established Manufacturing and R & D facility located in Milan to ensure continuous improvement and customization of products to meet global customer requirements.

Tema Paging & PA systems offer many advanced features and are renowned for their reliability making them the number one choice for high profile projects and mission critical applications all around the world.

Tema PA product range includes SIP Speakers, Audio Encoders/ Decoders, PA Management Software , Mic Consoles & PA Accessories. As Authorised Distributors we are pleased to offer the full range of Tema products and solutions in the Australia, New Zealand markets.

  • Tema SIP Speakers

    Tema SIP Speakers (7)

    Tema SIP Speakers are renowned for reliability and advanced features. Tema speakers come with option for integrated Mic, additional relays, inputs for call buttons for 2way audio, alarm input, output for second passive speaker, built in SD card to launch recorded messages, mobile phone integration, etc. Tema SIP Speakers are available in Ceiling, Wall & Horn Versions with integrated PoE for easy installation. They come with two SIP accounts which can be used for announcements and for ringing alerts.
  • Tema Audio Encoders / Decoders

    Tema Audio Encoders / Decoders (3)

    Tema Audio Encoders convert an analog audio signal from any external source into digital audio streaming in Multicast channels for audio signal distribution over LAN for streaming music, live or recorded announcements on IP Speakers. Tema Audio Encoders can also be used to bridge 2 analog PA networks over long distance in campuses. Tema Audio Decoders enable connecting IP / VoIP networks to traditional analog amplifiers / speakers. If you are thinking of upgrading or expanding your old PA system to an IP System you can connect legacy amps / speakers to an IP system with the help of Tema Decoders.
  • Tema PA Accessories

    Tema PA Accessories (6)

    Tema Paging & PA Accessories include PA Management Software Mic Consoles Push to Talk Buttons External Power Supplies