2N Door Intercoms

2N Door Intercoms offer a host of options like HD camera, Card Reader, Bluetooth, Touch Screen keypad, Fingerprint Reader, etc.

2N intercom door station range includes

IP One – Ultra Slim & Compact with HD Camera, RFID, QR code

IP Style – Combines latest advanced technologies in one single unit

IP Verso – Modular intercom that can be customised with add on modules.

IP Force – Sturdiest anti vandal intercom suitable for extreme conditions.

IP Solo – Extremely compact video intercom for small spaces.

IP Base – Easy to install surface mount video intercom.

IP Vario – Easy to use intercom with multiple call buttons.

IP UNI – Audio intercom for undercover or indoor areas.

IP Safety – High visibility anti vandal audio intercom for public spaces.

IP Verso 4G LTE – 4G Cellular video intercom for cable free installation.

  • 2N IP One

    2N IP One (5)

    2N IP One, a new one-button intercom for family homes, with a luxurious design and a full HD camera. The 2N IP One surface features a single backlit button for seamless user experience and is also extremely resistant – both to vandals (it is IK08 certified for durability) and to water and dust (it is IP66 certified as well).
  • 2N IP Style

    2N IP Style (6)

    2N IP Style is the latest and the most advanced intercom system launched by 2N.  It combines the best technologies of IP Cameras, IP Intercoms and Access Control Systems in one single unit for ultimate user experience. 2N IP Style is available in both Flush in wall or Surface on wall mounting options and is ideally suited for high end corporate and residential applications.
  • 2N IP Verso

    2N IP Verso (27)

    2N IP Verso is a modular intercom which can be customised to suit user needs. 2N IP Verso comes in a basic 2 module frame and can be extended vertically or horizontally as per user requirements by adding extra modules from a choice of upto 30 module options – Keypad, Card Reader, Bluetooth, Fingerprint Reader, Nameplate, One touch Call buttons, Touch Screen Display, etc.
  • 2N IP Force

    2N IP Force (21)

    2N IP Force is an extremely durable intercom that can withstand the most demanding conditions. It is manufactured in high impact materials with IP65 ingress protection making it ideal for high risk public areas i.e. universities, prisons, car parks, etc. 2N IP Force comes with a range of options i.e. HD Camera, Keypad, Card Reader & one touch call buttons. All models come with two very sensitive microphones & 10 watt speaker which is extremely useful in noisy environments.
  • 2N IP Solo

    2N IP Solo (10)

    The 2N IP Solo is a stylish and compact SIP intercom. Despite its size the Solo is an extremely powerful intercom; complete with one button, status indicating pictograms and a discrete HD wide-angle camera with infrared for night vision. 2N IP Solo is available in either a brushed nickel effect or black finish and with a choice between flush mount and surface installations, this intercom is flexible to suit any decor and would be a great addition to your smart home entrance.
  • 2N IP Base

    2N IP Base (12)

    2N IP Base is a compact IP intercom with an integrated HD camera that renders sharp images in all conditions. The base model includes one or two-button options and can also be extended with a 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz RFID card reader module for key less entry. The installation of the 2N Helios IP Base is itself extremely simple thanks to its well-designed surface mounting. You will save time and building work costs.The intercom also has inputs and outputs ready for connecting to a door lock or to other equipment.
  • 2N IP UNI

    2N IP UNI (8)

    2N IP UNI is a entry level audio intercom, options include Flush / Surface mount and upto 2 one touch call buttons. The 2N IP UNI is a of 2N’s simple, cost-effective IP-connected Door Intercom systems. Using high-grade materials and offering an Ingress Protection rating of IP54, the UNI IP Door Entry system is ideal for public access and high impact environments such as educational facilities, hospitals, residential complexes and public areas. The 2N IP UNI allows for up to 3 numbers to be dialed sequentially and also allows for opening of doors or gates using a code.
  • 2N IP Safety

    2N IP Safety (10)

    The 2N IP Safety is a modern emergency intercom that will ensure two-way communication between two remote locations when needed. Its reliability is enhanced by robust construction and other practical properties that take into account its use in high-stress operations. Whether drenched by rain or exposed to -40°C frost, 2N IP Safety remains fully functional and allows you to reach help at once and its bright orange colour makes it easy to locate in poor visibility. Its striking orange colour and illuminated button ensure that it is visible and functions even in crisis situations.
  • 2N IP Verso 4G LTE

    2N IP Verso 4G LTE (22)

    2N IP Verso 4G LTE works over the cellular network & can make video calls using a 4G LTE SIM card supported by 2N Mobile Video service  2N IP Verso 4G LTE comes in a basic 2 module frame with camera module mounted, customers can simply add extra modules from a choice of upto 30 module options – Keypad, Card Reader, Bluetooth, Fingerprint Reader, Nameplate, One touch Call buttons, Touch Screen Display, etc. 2N IP Verso 4G LTE is ideal for installations where no network or cabling is available, old apartments or heritage buildings and remote installations.
  • 2N IP Vario

    2N IP Vario (16)

    2N IP Vario combines a sleek, stainless steel design with advanced technology. This variable intercom offers a range of functions for communication with visitors, access control and video surveillance. 2N IP Vario comes in both Audio and Video option and can be surface / flush mounted. Options include Keypad, Card Reader, LCD Display and upto 6 one touch Call buttons.