Akuvox Door Intercoms

Akuvox Door Intercoms come with industry leading features & offer great value for money, the range includes.

Akuvox R23 Audio Intercoms. Akuvox R20, R26, E11, E12  Video Intercoms- Keypad / Card Reader / Multiple Call button / Wi-Fi option. Akuvox R27, R28 , R20B Multi-tenant Apartment Intercoms with Camera, Keypad, Card Reader. Akuvox R29, X915, E16 Premium Touch screen models with Camera, Keypad, Card Reader,Face recognition, NFC, Bluetooth. Akuvox Wi-Fi , 4G LTE Intercoms Wireless intercoms for sites where cabling is not available or feasible. Akuvox E21 Emergency /Safety Intercoms.

Akuvox Smartplus Cloud Intercom service supports video intercom calls on mobiles, tablets or video phones.