Bodet is a market leader in Time displays and Bell systems. Bodet products are manufactured in France since the last 40 years and have been installed in schools, healthcare institutions, industrial environments, sporting arenas, airports, etc. Bodet equips schools with bell systems to broadcast lockdown alerts in the event of major incidents. Bodet audio systems can also play a bell, melody or voice message to set a pattern for a school day or inform factory workers. Bodet has a huge range of Time displays suitable for various environments and applications.

  • Bodet IP PA & Bell System

    Bodet IP PA & Bell System (5)

    Bodet offers a huge range of Audio Systems designed to broadcast bells, music, alerts and announcements in schools, colleges, factories, logistics hubs, Nursing home and more. Bodet range features both speakers and microphones – IP or Wireless Technology with option to synchronise with Bodet LED Clocks and Visual Alerters.
  • Bodet Synchronised Clocks

    Bodet Synchronised Clocks (17)

    Bodet is a leader in Time Display for Over 40 Years. Bodet clocks have been trusted products in education, transport, healthcare, finance and industrial sectors, both for their quality and precision. Bodet offers a wide range of analogue, LCD and LED clocks.