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    IP intercoms are highly flexible and allow you to receive calls and chat with visitors from anywhere in the world through the use of your smartphone or tablet device. IP Intercoms offer exceptional functionality whereby calling visitors can be re-routed to another line should the home or business be unattended. IP intercom systems are easy and cost effective to install since they support PoE. The ability to install new systems in place of an existing intercom system results in the minimization of additional wiring, reduced installation time, and subsequently, lower installation costs. Our IP intercoms are a generation ahead and support SIP protocol that enables integration with IP Phones and VoIP Networks to offer advanced functionality. We offer a complete range of IP intercoms with related accessories from leading brands like 2N, Akuvox, Doorbird, Fanvil, Grandstream, etc. If you need assistance in designing the solution or selecting the right equipment please avail of our Free Project Design Service by clicking on the link.
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    Not only is Keyless Entry more convenient, it puts a stop to lost keys and lock outs and also offers Increased Convenience, Security and Connectivity. No more worrying about misplaced keys or lockouts, our IP Keyless systems allow you to open the door using a keypad code or fingerprint or from your smart phone. You can also check user logs to keep track of who has entered or receive entry notifications on your mobile. IP Keyless Door Entry Systems provide secure management of entryways, doors, gates and other access points. and have now become an integral part of smart security for a modern connected home. Our IP Keyless Door Entry Systems include leading Brands 2N, Omnitec & Akuvox. Please click on the sub category links below to explore the various options.
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    With IP PA & Messaging its easier than ever now to install a campus-wide system using your existing Ethernet network. IP PA & Messaging Systems are ideal for broadcasting messages across any organization from schools, healthcare, car parks, factories, retail stores, warehouses, theme parks, mine sites, transport hubs etc. Organizations that need to quickly and effectively alert an entire team or just a small group, can benefit from the advanced features and functions now available from IP PA & Messaging Systems.
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    2N is a leading manufacturer of SIP Intercoms, IP Access Control, SIP Paging & PA Systems. 2N products are renowned for their high quality & advanced features. & come in a wide range of models to suit various application scenarios. We offer the entire range of 2N products from SIP Intercoms, IP Access Control, SIP Paging & PA Systems along with various accessories with Australia wide support. If you need assistance in designing the solution or selecting the right equipment please avail of our Free Project Design Service by clicking on the link.
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    Akuvox is a leading manufacturer of SIP Intercoms, IP Access Control Systems and IP Phones. Akuvox products offer advanced technology & reliability at an affordable price. As Akuvox Certified Platinum Distributor for Australia, we offer the full range of Akuvox products with Australia wide installation, warranty & support services. As Akuvox Australia Distributor we also provide expert advice on product choice, system specification, system set-up and after sales support.  If you need assistance with selecting products or designing a solution, please avail of our free design service by clicking on – Free Project Design Service.
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    Established in 1988 Tema Telecomunicazioni is a leading European manufacturer of high end IP Intercoms, Paging and PA systems. Tema has a well established Manufacturing and R & D facility located in Milan to ensure continuous improvement and customization of products to meet global customer requirements. Tema Paging & PA systems offer many advanced features and are renowned for their reliability making them the number one choice for high profile projects and mission critical applications all around the world. Tema PA product range includes SIP Speakers, Audio Encoders/ Decoders, PA Management Software , Mic Consoles & PA Accessories. As Authorised Distributors we are pleased to offer the full range of Tema products and solutions in the Australia, New Zealand markets.
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    Algo is a Canadian telecommunications manufacturer of SIP endpoints and accessories including: PoE IP speakers, IP Loud Ringers, Zone Paging Adapters, Strobe lights, IP Automated Bell Schedulers etc.. Algo speaker and audio endpoints provide comprehensive solutions for voice paging systems, telephone alerting (e.g. loud ringing, visual ringing), safety, security and emergency notification, bell scheduling and playing music. The products are compatible with any UC hosted/cloud or premise platform supporting IP (i.e. 3rd party SIP endpoints) or analog connectivity including: Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, Digium/Asterisk, Metaswitch, Mitel, NEC, Polycom and Yealink to name a few.
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    Fanvil is a leading manufacturer of SIP endpoints ranging from IP Audio / Video Phones, SIP Intercoms, SIP PA Speakers, Paging Gateways etc. Fanvil products are known for their advanced features, reliability and performance. Fanvil products offer a range of market leading advanced features and functionality at an affordable price. Please click on links or select from below subcategories for more information.
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