Harmonys Indoor IP Ceiling Speaker

• Sounder (for indoor) bells, melodies, voice calls and SEP* alarms.
• 3 operating modes:
– Broadcast of melodies stored in the product. Control by Sigma master clock (the Ethernet network) or by manual command from the control box (ex: SEP alarm).
– Voice calls: from microphone or sent from the computer.
– Broadcast of streaming audio and/or music from the computer.
• The adjustment of the sound level is accomplished via the embedded web server (for all broadcasts).



Harmonys Indoor IP Ceiling Speaker broadcasts melodies, chimes, general announcements and computer audio feeds inside buildings. The speaker is so thin and discreet that it blends perfectly into the environment. With its 10 mm apparent thickness and pure white colour, it easily blends into a corridor or room ceiling once it is installed. The clean, well-made design allows this product to come with quality sound.Harmonys Indoor IP Ceiling Speaker is easy to install, once you have drilled the right size hole in the ceiling, all you have to do is flush mount the speaker. The mechanical springs keep it in place. Its IP connection makes it easy to configure since the loudspeaker uses the building’s existing IT network.

Ceiling mounted Harmonys

Harmonys Indoor IP Ceiling Speaker Datasheet

Harmonys Indoor IP Ceiling Speaker Manual



Harmonys Indoor IP Ceiling Speaker Datasheet