Akuvox C313W-2, 2 Wire touch screen monitor

  • Ultra-clear, stylish appearance
  • Thin profile and small footprint
  • 7-inch capacitive touch screen with energy saving mode
  • Two-way audio communication with other units in the 2-wire IP network
  • Powered by NS-2 or external source
  • Super long transmission distance via 2-wire cable
  • Support US or European electrical wall box mounting

Please note Akuvox NS-2, 2Wire IP PoE switch is required to operate this product, please scroll down to accessories for details.



Akuvox C313W-2, 2 Wire touch screen monitor is a multifunctional communicator, with a Linux operating system, provides audio and video communication with door phones via SIP 2.0 protocol. It delivers the ultimate touch screen experience in an unobtrusive, space-saving design featuring a brilliant 7-inch capacitiv.

Akuvox C313W-2, 2 Wire touch screen monitor is ideally suited for applications where old legacy cabling exists and there is no possibility of having an ethernet cable. It can be paired with Akuvox R20A-2 2 wire door intercom to receive visitor calls.


Akuvox NS-2, 2 Wire IP Network Switch


Akuvox C313-2, 2 Wire touch screen monitor Datasheet