Big Button IP Phones for Aged Care Homes
Big Button IP Phone

Big Button VoIP Phones integrate with telecom and security systems for  effective Nurse Call Solution.

The importance of Nurse call systems as a fundamental tool in Aged Care and Retirement facilities cannot be overstated.

The Big Button VoIP Phones we offer integrate seamlessly with telecommunication and security systems to offer a effective Nurse Call solution to enable carers and support staff to perform their tasks efficiently.

Our Aged Care and Retirement Home Solutions Portfolio includes

Big Button VoIP Phone with optional pendant for Nurse Call



A Big Button VoIP Phone as Nurse Call Solution has the potential to be a superior design with a lot of intelligent integration from a Emergency Call / SOS  button on the phone or a wearable RF pendant.

Our Big Button VoIP Phones are SIP based and compatible with most IP phone systems in the market, thereby ensuring investments made in existing phone systems are well protected.


IP Intercom and Access Control Systems -We are all concerned about safety and protecting seniors is a high priority. Our Intercom Systems offer the highest quality in safety and security and are optimized to deliver calls to reception / nursing desk / control areas within the building or to remote extensions / mobile phones.  Our intercoms also offer optional access control functionality to enhance safety and security by ensuring unauthorized personnel don’t gain access to sensitive or restricted areas.

IP CCTV Surveillance –   Next Generation H.265 based CCTV surveillance systems to protect and provide accountability for access to various facilities from car parks, waiting rooms, storage areas etc. Cameras recording entrances and exits can help protect your staff and charges from unwanted intruders. In secured environments like memory care facilities, indoor cameras placed near exits can help you prevent confused residents from wandering outdoors unsupervised

WLAN Systems – A big part of providing higher level of care with accuracy requires electronic medical records and applications to be portable, it gives carers the ability to do bedside support and therapy regardless of location without having to be connected to wires. Another advantage would be to offer easy internet access to residents and give them easy access to applications like Skype to connect with family members and loved ones.

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