Axis Access Commander – Access Control Manager

Axis Access Commander is far more than just a tool for managing access control to your premises. Its undeniable benefit lies in its in-built attendance register module.

Simply put, you get two solutions in one, and you won’t have to invest in another system to record the movements of your employees or service staff.

  • An access and attendance system in one
  • Intuitive management of IP intercoms and access units
  • Web interface for supervision via PC, tablet or mobile phone
  • Installation time in the order of minutes
  • Can be integrated with third party systems

The Axis Access Commander is a free to use software for configuration of one Axis device and is limited to one user who is tracked in the Attendance module. For configuration of multiple devices or for attendance tracking of more employees a license is required. Please select from the licensing options below.

If you need to get a license for (for example) 17 devices then 4 x 5 Device licenses are required. (makes total of 20 possible devices connected).

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An access control management system up and running in 10 minutes

Axis Access Commander is a professional access system based on IP technology. Its main advantage is its simple and intuitive front end. This makes for easy commissioning, not just by skilled technicians, but also by those who have no experience with installing and setting up access control systems. All without even having to go through intensive training or reading complicated manuals.

Axis Access Commander is the only access software on the market with an integral attendance system. With its help, you can easily record the working time of your company’s staff. What’s more, through its Web interface, reachable not only via a computer, but also from a tablet or mobile phone, you can easily check who is at the workplace.

In the same way, i.e. via the Web interface, you can mass-manage IP intercoms and access units made by Axis. You’ll find this a boon when it comes to larger installations, where Axis Access Commander becomes a much welcome assistant. With it, you can e.g. set user access rights or backup and copy intercom and access unit settings. Moreover, thanks to IP technology, everything can be done form anywhere in the world.

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