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Easy Paging & PA by integrating SIP speakers with your Phone System

Easy cost effective Paging and PA by integrating SIP Speakers with your existing IP Phone System. SIP Paging speakers are VoIP endpoints that easily integrate with IP Phones and Phone systems to provide users a cost effective and easy way to add Paging and Public Address capability on an existing network. SIP Paging...
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IP Intercom, Key Less Entry & CCTV Solutions for Homes & Offices

IP Intercom, Key less Entry and IP CCTV - Smart Solutions that meet the growing requirements of modern homes. As a leading supplier of IP Intercoms, Keyless Entry and IP CCTV networks for Luxury Housing market since 2008,  we have provided solutions to hundreds of dwellings spread all over Australia and New Zealand ranging...
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Automated Bell & PA Systems for Schools, Healthcare, Public Spaces, etc.

Information dissemination across Public Spaces for broadcast of security announcements, evacuation or public safety announcement is hassle-free using SIP Public Address system. Bell Tones, Live or pre-recorded announcements / music  can be set to broadcast on certain days or times to a select number or all PA zones, ensuring the message is heard by target...
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Big Button VoIP Phones for Nurse Call in Aged Care and Retirement Homes

Big Button VoIP Phones integrate with telecom and security systems for  effective Nurse Call Solution. The importance of Nurse call systems as a fundamental tool in Aged Care and Retirement facilities cannot be overstated. The Big Button VoIP Phones we offer integrate seamlessly with telecommunication and security systems to offer a effective Nurse Call solution...
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Upgrade/ Retrofit your old intercom to IP video using existing cabling

Intercom upgrade / retrofit solutions for Homes and Apartments As technology rapidly develops, residents are looking for more advanced features in their intercom systems. However, old buildings often do not have data network wiring in place to install IP-based intercom system. The cost associated with rewiring has become a barrier in many intercom system upgrade projects, sometimes...
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Security Intercom and CCTV solutions for Lifestyle Property Estates

Make your development stand out with a smart network that offers Multimedia Services. We make it simple for property developers to build smart communities with solutions that offer a greater choice of services to meet the growing expectations of residents moving into new developments.Our solutions are designed keeping in mind flexibility and scalability and...
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Easy to install DIY IP CCTV solution packages for Home and Office

With the arrival of NBN, IP CCTV systems have become the most popular and future-proof option for securing homes and business premises. IP CCTV systems offer Plug and Play capability offering Home and Business users the DIY option to install their own systems. IP CCTV solutions offer High Resolution images and are scalable. i.e users can...
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