Indoor LED Clock – Bodet Style 5, PoE/ Wi-Fi

• SMD LED technology for indoor installation.
• Hours and minutes display.
• Fixed or alternate time with date or week number display or temperature (temperature probe integrated in the clock).
• Height of digits 5 cm, optimal viewing distance: 20 metres.
• Angle of vision 120°.
• LED colours: red, green, yellow, blue and white.
• Models: independent, impulse, wireless DCF, wireless DHF, AFNOR, NTP/ETH and NTP/Wi-Fi.



Bodet Style 5 blends perfectly into its environment. A choice of LED colours, adjustable lighting, timeless graphics, silent operation… This clock has been designed to display the time in an unobtrusive way.

A harmonious design suitable for any location : Measuring 25 cm wide and 10 cm high, the Style 5 is the smallest in the range. With its understated, contemporary graphics, this clock blends into any environment. For better aesthetic integration, choose your model from 5 LED colours: red, green, yellow, blue or white. Its light intensity can be customised to 4 different levels at any time. In its flush-mountable version, the clock is installed directly against the wall for perfect integration.

Style 5 LED clocks and their programmable function

The choice of discretion : Its silent operation means that it is perfectly suited to spaces requiring peace and quiet: offices, waiting rooms, libraries, museums, banks, classrooms, etc. Not to mention its eco function: programmable to cover time ranges of your choice, the Style 5 can switch itself off and on again as you require. To display the time exactly when you need it.



Bodet Indoor LED Clock – Style 5 Datasheet