Elevator VoIP Phone PCB board kit

  • Working at -40℃-+70℃ hazardous pure industrial environment
  • I/O output and input for external control
  • Support WAN/LAN, Duplex Intercom,Echo Cancellation,Upgrade Online
  • Webpage + IP station group/direct call without Server
  • Adjustable sound volume
  • Board cast amplifier for paging option
  • SIP 2.0  protocol
  • DC power adapter or PoE
  • Built-in 2.5W / 4Ω digital amplifier, drive speakers directly.


Elevator VoIP Phone PCB board kit is ideal for retrofit installation in elevators where the analog speaker and call buttons are already installed. The Elevator VoIP Phone PCB has an onboard amplifier to drive loudspeakers and supports intercom,  paging announcements  for emergency situations or playing background music / advertisements.

Application areas include

  • Residential Apartment Elevators
  • Shopping Mall Elevators
  • Airport, Shopping Centre Washrooms

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Weight 1 kg


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