Convert Analog Speaker to IP / VoIP Speaker or Ringer

  • Connects old analog speakers to IP Phone system
  • Supports integration with analog amplifiers
  • Easy installation using PoE
  • Supports Loud Ringing or PA announcements
  • Supports Multicast

Please contact us for more information on how to convert old PA speaker to VoIP speaker and Ringer




Converting analog Speaker to IP / VoIP speaker or Ringer is easy .  .  .

If your analog PA speaker has been made redundant by your new VoIP Phone system, there is no need to throw it away. Our SIP adapter can connect the old speaker or amplifiers to your new VoIP system allowing you to use it as a Loud Ringer and PA speaker for announcements.

SIP adapter allows easy integration with IP Phone systems whether local or hosted and supports paging from IP Phones. It comes with a web interface for easy management and supports PoE for easy installation. Multiple SIP adapters can be installed if required for integrating multiple amplifiers or speakers.

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