Bodet Style 7S, PoE / Wi-Fi – Indoor LED Clock

• SMD LED technology for indoor installation.
• Hours, minutes and seconds display.
• Fixed or alternate time with date or week number display or timer display or temperature (probe integrated to the clock) or chronometer display (optional chronometer keyboard –
count or countdown).
• Height of digits 7 cm (seconds: 5 cm), optimal viewing distance: 30 metres.
• Angle of vision: 120°.
• LED colours: red, green, yellow, blue and white.
• Models: independent, impulse, wireless ALS+DCF, wireless DHF, AFNOR, NTP/ETH and NTP/Wi-Fi.



Bodet Style 7S – Indoor LED Clock guarantees an exact and accurate time thanks to its seconds display. The addition of a stopwatch option extends the functional scope of this clock, allowing you to manage your time in the best way possible. Use this feature to manage your speaking time in meetings, measure the time spent on a task, monitor your processes, start an event countdown, and so on. Discover its healthcare-specific functions with the 7S OP version.

Having an accurate time display to the exact second is only of real use if you can read it in less than a second. This was our very reason for developing this product. Which is why the LEDs used and the digit display size are suited perfectly to split-second time reading.

Style 7S led clock digit display



Bodet Style 7S Datasheet