Bodet HMT / HMS LED 15 Outdoor LED Clock

  • Indoor or outdoor clocks available in various sizes. High brightness LED.
  • LED colour available: red, white or yellow
  • Height of digits 15 cm, optimal viewing distance: 60 metres.
  • Display in hours, minutes and seconds (seconds display on HMS only)
  • Setting by control pad 2 keys inside the clock or by wireless remote control 868.3MHz (option).
  • Optional synchronisation: Minute impulse, DCF or GPS antenna (absolute time accuracy).
  • Optional time distribution AFNOR, DHF, NTP or PC.


Bodet HMT LED 15 is suitable for the most demanding climatic conditions: humidity and extreme temperatures. The housing is made of IP54 aluminium for watertightness, and IK07 for impact protection. Inside is its tropicalised electronic board, to  which a specific varnish has been applied. For an optimal operating temperature ranging from -20°C to +50°C and humidity resistance up to 93%. Its robust design is perfectly suited to outdoor spaces, as are its display and readability. 15 cm high digits, 60 m optimum readability, very high luminosity LEDs, automatic adjustment of the display’s luminous intensity and anti-glare protection. It ticks all the boxes for installation at any transport location (train and metro stations, airports, etc.).

The HMT LED 15, a clock resistant to climatic constraints

The HMS LED 15 clock: robustness incarnate


In railway stations, airports, metro or bus stations, clocks are often subject to many hazards. Adverse weather. Impacts. Animals. That’s why the Bodet HMS LED 15 is designed to be both robust and durable. With its IP54 and IK07 aluminium casing, the clock is protected against dust deposits, water splashes and external impacts. To perfect its solidity, the Bodet HMS LED 15 is equipped with tropicalised electronic boards. This tropicalisation prevents oxidation, moisture and mould. What could be more natural than needing information quickly? With this in mind, the Bodet HMS LED 15 can provide a wide range of information almost instantaneously. Its LED time display is easy to read and provides information at lightning-fast speed. What’s more, the HMS LED 15 offers an alternating display of a wide range of information: time, date, temperature, counter, countdown and humidity level. It’s up to you to define the alternation rate, from 2 to 6 seconds. And rest assured that the time will always be correct and accurate, thanks to the immediate and pre-programmed time change.

Bodet HMT  LED 15 Outdoor LED Clock Datasheet