Bodet HMT / HMS LED 10 Outdoor LED Clock

• Outdoor clocks with high brightness LED.
• Height of digits 10 cm, optimal viewing distance: 40 metres.
• Angle of vision: 160°.
• LED colour available: red, white or yellow.
• Display in hours, minutes, seconds ( seconds only on HMS model).
• Setting by control pad 2 keys inside the clock or by wireless remote control (LoRa868.3MHz: cover in open field 1 km).
• Optional synchronisation by impulse (minute or ½ minute), DCF or GPS antenna (absolute time accuracy), AFNOR, DHF, NTP or PC.
• Single or double-sided display.



Bodet HMT LED 10 Outdoor LED Clock is all about performance. Hour and minute display. Possibility of alternating with the date and temperature. Configuration and management by remote control or via 2 buttons on the clock. Single-sided or double-sided version. Wall, ceiling or mast mounting. Automatic luminosity adjustment. These are all high-performance features for a reliable clock. Its waterproof design means that it can be used outdoors, while its intermediate size also makes it suitable for indoor spaces. With 10cm high LED digits, it ensures optimum visibility from up to 40m away. This dual use also makes it suitable for large train station halls, airports, metro stations, industrial warehouses, etc.

HMT LED 10, a practical and powerful clock

Bodet HMS LED 10 displays the hour, minutes and seconds. Loss of synchronisation? The HMS LED 10 continues to display an exact time until it is synchronised again. Ideal for the transport sector where rigour and precision are the key words. It will blend in well at any train station, airport, metro or bus station. For improved visibility, choose the ideal support: wall, ceiling, mast mounting or double-sided. And thanks to its optimal readability from a distance of 40 metres, travellers can keep an eye on their impending departures. The HMS LED 10 is suitable for any space, indoors or outdoors, operating from -20°C to +50°C. Its IP54 housing ensures protection against dust and water splashes. And because the HMS LED 10 has to be easy to read both indoors and outdoors, it is equipped with anti-glare glass. What’s more, the brightness of its LEDs adapts to sunny or cloudy weather as well as darkness. To be readable by day and by night.

Advantages of the HMS LED 10 clock


Bodet HMT LED 10 Datasheet

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