Multi Tenant Properties

For Multi tenant Commercial Properties & Residential Apartments we offer Intercom, Keyless Entry and Lift Control Solutions . Our Wireless / Cloud based  solutions are ideal for both retrofit and new installs, they work without the need for expensive cabling infrastructure and maximise savings.

  • Keyless Entry for Multi Tenant Properties

    Keyless Entry for Multi Tenant Properties (24)

    Our Keyless Entry Solutions for Multi tenant Properties offer great flexibility for property managers. All connected devices i.e. Access Control Units and Electronic Smart Locks can be managed Remotely via Desktop PC or Cloud.
  • Audio Intercom for Apartments

    Audio Intercom for Apartments (24)

    As an experienced supplier of Intercom Systems to the Residential market we offer some of the best tried an tested products with all metal anti vandal construction and IP65 weather rating to ensure optimum performance in adverse weather conditions.
  • Video Intercom for Apartments

    Video Intercom for Apartments (57)

    We offer the largest range of Video SIP intercoms from world leading brands with various options and features like i.e. Keypad, Card Reader, Touch Screen Directory Displays, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,  4G, Lift Integration, Face Recognition, Temperature Scanning,etc.
  • 4G LTE Intercom for Apartments

    4G LTE Intercom for Apartments (19)

    4G LTE Intercoms for Apartment / Gated Communities make use of the 4G mobile network to communicate with Apartment / Home users by calling landlines or mobile phones. These intercoms are particularly handy for Buildings where no cabling exists or installing new cables is not feasible, too expensive and risky.
  • Cloud Intercom for Apartments

    Cloud Intercom for Apartments (12)

    Cloud Intercom solutions support video are cost effective and eliminate the need for investing in unnecessary cabling and hardware. System functions like adding, modifying and deleting users, assigning individual access levels, programming scheduled door locking and unlocking and other vital access control actions can be performed remotely.
  • Intercom SIP Server for Apartments

    Intercom SIP Server for Apartments (4)

    Intercom SIP Servers are control devices which manage the intercom system end points to deliver calls to the required extensions / monitors. SIP servers also allow integration with VoIP / PSTN lines to deliver intercom calls mobile phones.