Hotels & Holiday Rentals

For Hospitality & Holiday Rental applications we offer specialised IP Phones, Smart Locks / Access Control and PA Systems capable of integration with Hotel Networks & Operations Software for efficient property management and enhanced guest experience.

  • Energy Saving & Comfort

    Energy Saving & Comfort (1)

    To optimise the consumption of energy and minimise costs is a constant endeavour of every business. Energy Saving and convenience devices ensure energy savings and comfort can be optimised by monitoring the room occupancy leading to savings of up to 60% in electricity use. Energy Saving devices can also be monitored and managed  remotely with control software from PC making them ideal for hospitality applications.
  • Hotel PA System

    Hotel PA System (15)

    Hotel PA Systems support streaming of background music, automated announcements, live announcements etc. targeted at all the speakers or certain zones.  Hotel PA speakers can be integrated with the Hotel Phone system to allow convenient paging from certain predesignated phones. Hotel PA systems improve guests’ experience with music and paging in the lobby, guest rooms, bars, restaurant, health spa, pool areas, ballrooms, meeting rooms, car parks etc.
  • Hotel IP Phones

    Hotel IP Phones (6)

    Hotel IP Phones are cost effective to install and offer many advanced features with ability to integrate with hospitality applications. From small economy hotels to large resorts, guests often rate experiences such as ease of interaction with staff and communication as a top factor. Good communication is essential for a successful hotel with the phone system and hospitality apps laying the foundation for that success. Our Range of Hotel IP Phones offer stylish, contemporary appearance, excellent voice quality and powerful functionality.
  • Hotel Smart Locks

    Hotel Smart Locks (4)

    In today's world of Internet of Things (IoT), allowing guests to unlock the doors using their Smartphones is becoming a fast growing trend. Ability of Guests to check in and out without an in-person key handover – 24 hours a day is becoming a necessity for most holiday rentals. Hotel Smart Lock applications allow staff to send Electronic Keys to Guests along with booking confirmation for the duration of their stay and also offer the ability to integrate with Hotel software applications.