Healthcare & Hospitality

  • Big Button IP Phones

    Big Button IP Phones (7)

    Big Button IP Phones are specially designed for use by Senior people. They are ideally suited for use in Aged Care and Retirement Homes.Big Button IP Phones support SIP and integrate with telephone and security systems.  They enable Age Care / Retirement Home staff to perform their tasks efficiently.
  • Telehealth Video Phones

    Telehealth Video Phones (5)

    Telehealth Video Phones make use of information and communications technologies (ICTs) to deliver health services and transmit health information over both long and short distances. Telehealth Video Phone consultations let aged care recipients connect with specialist medical services from the comfort of their residence.
  • Hotel IP Phones

    Hotel IP Phones (6)

    Hotel IP Phones are cost effective to install and offer many advanced features with ability to integrate with hospitality applications. From small economy hotels to large resorts, guests often rate experiences such as ease of interaction with staff and communication as a top factor.
  • IP Phones Desktop & Cordless

    IP Phones Desktop & Cordless (23)

    Our Range of IP Phones include IP Business Grade Phones, IP Cordless Phones & IP Multimedia Phones. These models are suitable for various applications in offices for calls / conferencing or at home for answering video calls from door intercom units. All IP Phones support PoE making them cost effective to install & support integration with local / hosted phone systems.
  • IP Video Phones

    IP Video Phones (28)

  • IP Phone Systems

    IP Phone Systems (9)

  • 4G / Cellular , VoIP, FXS Gateways

    4G / Cellular , VoIP, FXS Gateways (6)

  • Phone System Accessories

    Phone System Accessories (12)