IP PA & Messaging

With IP PA & Messaging its easier than ever now to install a campus-wide system using your existing Ethernet network. Organizations that need to quickly and effectively alert an entire team or just a small group, can benefit from the advanced features and functions now available from IP PA & Messaging Systems.

IP PA & Messaging Systems are ideal for broadcasting messages across any organization from schools, healthcare, car parks, factories, retail stores, warehouses, theme parks, mine sites, transport hubs etc. We offer the full range from IP Speakers, Bell Schedulers & PA Servers , Gateways, Encoders, Microphone Consoles, IP Clocks & Visual Alerters, etc.

  • SIP Loud Ringer Alerter

    SIP Loud Ringer Alerter (20)

    Never Miss a Call – SIP Loud Ringer Alerter alerts users with its loud ringing of incoming telephone calls. Common application environments include: classroom, factory, warehouse, utility plant, machine shop, garage, lunch room, kitchen, etc. SIP Loud Ringer Alerter is compatible with SIP based Phone Systems whether hosted or LAN based and comes with integrated PoE for easy installation.
  • IP Paging Speakers

    IP Paging Speakers (27)

    IP Paging speakers also known as Network PA speaker install on network cables & come with integrated amplifier. They also support PoE making them cost effective & easy to install. IP Paging speakers also support SIP protocol, this feature enables them to integrate with IP Phone Systems offering users the option to make announcements from phones. The range includes Ceiling, Wall & Horn models.
  • IP Bell Scheduler & PA Server

    IP Bell Scheduler & PA Server (6)

    IP Bell Scheduler & PA Servers are available as an embedded appliance or PC based software & can be customised to meet the specific needs of users for Automated Bells, Emergency Alerts & Announcements. IP Bell scheduler & PA Servers support broadcasting schedules to Zones & background music.  These devices can also be integrated with Mic Consoles, IP Phone Systems & Legacy PA systems for greater flexibility & convenience.
  • IP to Analog Paging Gateway

    IP to Analog Paging Gateway (13)

    IP to Analog Paging Gateways / Converters enable interfacing / bridging a analog / legacy paging system to VoIP. It is a cost effective solution to integrate analog speaker infrastructure to IP endpoints. IP to Analog Paging Gateway / Converter can connect directly with analog speakers / amplifiers and support integration with IP phone systems . Common application environments include Schools, Hospitals, Retail Stores, Shopping Centers, Car Parks etc.
  • Analog to IP Audio Encoder

    Analog to IP Audio Encoder (6)

    Analog to IP Audio Encoder converts an analog audio signal from any external source into digital audio streaming in Multicast channels for audio signal distribution over LAN for streaming music on IP Speakers. Analog to IP Encoders can be used to connect / bridge with legacy PA systems over long distances. Typical applications include Schools, Amusement Parks, etc. The encoders also support PoE for easy installation.
  • SIP Paging Mic Console / Phone

    SIP Paging Mic Console / Phone (16)

    SIP Paging Mic Consoles / Phones offer a cost effective announcing station for PA applications with various advanced functions such as broadcasting to zones, two-way communication via an inbuilt speaker, or playing pre-recorded messages & tones. SIP Paging Mic Console / Phone with multifunction keys allow mapping of individual speakers / zones to keys for quick announcements. When combined with Paging servers these keys can also be mapped to play announcement files on individual speakers or zones.
  • NTP Clocks & Visual Alerters

    NTP Clocks & Visual Alerters (18)

    NTP Clocks & Visual Alerters round off the IP PA solution deployment by providing visual notification during emergency situations. These devices can also provide general messaging & synchronized time for enhanced situational awareness. Visual alert notifications not only provide a means of communicating with hearing impaired but also help deliver messages in busy or noisy environments. NTP Clocks receive time updates directly from NTP servers and also support daylight savings.
  • IP PA Accessories

    IP PA Accessories (19)

    We carry a robust selection of IP PA Accessories that compliment and round-out any IP PA Solution deployment from Strobe Lights, Colour Visual Alerters, LED Message Displays, Push to Talk Buttons, PoE switches, Ethernet Extenders, Ethernet to 2 wire Converters, External Power Supplies, etc. If you have any specific requirements and cannot find the accessory to suit your applications please email us so we can assist you.